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Female, 32, Germany

I'm new to Tumblr, but not to The Sims - have been playing since the day TS1 got released.

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Waiting for the Sims 4 CAS demo.

… and change the password afterwards, please? I’d be willing to trade for a download from my account out of the following games:

ETA: I’ve been informed that this doesn’t work either; guess that means waiting (im)patiently for the official release.

The CAS-demo would be such a great distraction from the side-effects of my antidepressant… alas, nothing in my account or mailbox.

I bought the German Sims magazine just for the article, and it says that the district size (at the time of their test) was “four to five houses each, small gardens, fishing spots and sometimes even its own park. Depending on their moods, players are supposed to decide themselves whether Sims live in the neighbourhood or the night is lit up by bars and clubs.
Elsewhere they mention that the developers are working on reducing loading time / increasing district size.

All those different informations floating around are rather confusing…

Anonymous Asked:
They do all those things to make sure players with little money can play too, I don't have the money to buy a new updated laptop/computer, the more they put into it, open neigbourhoods with no loading, cast ect the more the computer has to have, they're improving the game so it won't lagg so players can enjoy, stop complaining and look for the postive things

My answer:

I play on a laptop which is maybe average in terms of gaming power - it certainly is not a high end machine. And it will be at least another three years before I’ll even think about buying a new one, because I am currently on disability for a chronic illness and my budget simply doesn’t have any allowances for electronic gadgets. If my old PC hadn’t literally burst into flames two years ago, I’d still be using it. Believe me, I know everything about the loading time for textures in general and CASt in particular, especially when you play with CC, and I know the limits of weaker / outdated computer systems when it comes to gaming.

However, in my opinion this is not a reason to take away already established features and go back to pre-TS3-standards. I’m all for accommodating players with weaker machines, but I don’t see how fast loading times improve the game when the trade-off is that the creative aspects are being cut down - especially when the same results could have been achieved with different means: Why not make one of the  neighbourhoods the base game ships with (even if they haven’t announced it yet, that’s pretty much a given) smaller, so that it doesn’t put as much of a strain on weaker systems? That way, people with outdated computers would have a choice between texture lag and a big neighbourhood, or no texture lag and a smaller neighbourhood. Just as an example.

I have been ready to move on from TS3 for over a year now, because I think TS3 has reached the limits of what can be done with it technically. I want the new CAS, and even more than that an overhauled Build Mode, because I spend arguably more time in there than in Live Mode. I really WANT to like The Sims 4, and I am trying to keep an open mind about it - but that does not mean that some of the developments don’t leave a bitter taste…

Last but not least: if we never voice concerns or negative opinions, how are the developers supposed to know what we want? I don’t think my post was overly critical, I merely stated that I felt conflicted!

… why are you toying with me like this?

You come with awesome face modelling and enable all female clothes for pregnancy, but take away colour and texture choices from CASt. You give us multiple, rabbit-hole free neighbourhoods in Base Game, but reintroduce loading screens when visiting certain lots. You allow us to move entire houses and to mould rooms freely, but we are still limited to a building height of three stories…

I was in love after last year’s Gamescom, but sometimes I think you are not the long-term relationship I was - still am - hoping for.

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My mother has been in hospital, so I had no time to play the game or even check tumblr - but on Friday I will be at gamescom and hopefully have some Sims 4 pictures to show afterwards! :D

Took me only three attempts at installing and re-intalling and frantic sorting out of my CC to realize that the bug with the missing wishes and lifetime wishes can be easily fixed by simply moving the household out and back in again. Now I can FINALLY start playing IP…

I started working on my first gift around the time I surpassed 80 followers - now I’m close to 150, and still haven’t finished it. So you’ll be getting a Sim as a gesture of appreciation instead:

Tabiya Murphy was created with a multi-ethnic background in mind, but without any specific heritage - it’s up to you to make up that part of her story.

Skin | Hair | Eyes | Eyebrows | Lashes | Eyeliner | Eyeshadow | Lipstick

Tabiya comes wearing basegame clothes; I have a 2x-slider hack in my game and the standard facial sliders. As long as you don’t want to edit her face, you can download Tabiya even if you don’t use any sliders yourself, though. 
My game is patched up to version 1.55.



Dangling Coral Jewellry Set

You’ve waited long enough!
Prepare your sims for Isla Paradiso with this lovely set of (fake) corals.

Details and Download at my website!

So beautiful! I’ve been sitting on my hands for them being released. :D