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Female, 34, Germany

I'm new to Tumblr, but not to The Sims - have been playing since the day TS1 got released.

Find me in the Sims 4 gallery under "Layara1980".

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Around the World in 80 Sims: Israel, the Philippines, and South Africa.

Around the World in 80 Sims: Mexico (Nahua / Mexica / Aztec) and Slovakia.

Around the World in 80 Sims: Australian Aboriginals and Uzbekistan.

Another batch for my “Around the World in 80 Sims” project uploaded to the gallery.

Today: Sweden and Ethiopia.

I started a CAS project called "Around the World in 80 Sims". It consists of 40 couples with 40 different ethnicities, making up the 80 Sims mentioned in the title. The goal is to boost ethnic diversity and to have a number of very different looking Sims.

To keep the project simple and to make searching the gallery easier, I decided to name each couple after the country of origin rather than their ethnic group. Also, each Sim is dressed in contemporary Western fashion, simply because that’s the only option with the game.

Here come the first 10 Sims: India, Japan, Senegal, Argentina and Ireland.

You can find me in the gallery as Layara1980.

First prototypes of Miranda and Lavinia. Miranda is version 4, Lavinia 5 so far, but I’ll probably continue fiddling with them until the game is out, plus they are in dire need of some CC. Miranda’s eyes are supposed to be a darker shade of green, and I need hair with a curly texture for Lavinia - none of the options provided by the CAS demo looked right for her.

Guess who received the Sims 4 CAS demo yesterday? Lavinia and Miranda are still a little sceptical regarding their TS4-incarnations. Strangely enough, they both take more after their Sims 2 versions than the way they looked in Sims 3. (Compare here .)

Waiting for the Sims 4 CAS demo.

… and change the password afterwards, please? I’d be willing to trade for a download from my account out of the following games:

ETA: I’ve been informed that this doesn’t work either; guess that means waiting (im)patiently for the official release.

The CAS-demo would be such a great distraction from the side-effects of my antidepressant… alas, nothing in my account or mailbox.