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Female, 32, Germany

I'm new to Tumblr, but not to The Sims - have been playing since the day TS1 got released.

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My mother has been in hospital, so I had no time to play the game or even check tumblr - but on Friday I will be at gamescom and hopefully have some Sims 4 pictures to show afterwards! :D

Took me only three attempts at installing and re-intalling and frantic sorting out of my CC to realize that the bug with the missing wishes and lifetime wishes can be easily fixed by simply moving the household out and back in again. Now I can FINALLY start playing IP…

I started working on my first gift around the time I surpassed 80 followers - now I’m close to 150, and still haven’t finished it. So you’ll be getting a Sim as a gesture of appreciation instead:

Tabiya Murphy was created with a multi-ethnic background in mind, but without any specific heritage - it’s up to you to make up that part of her story.

Skin | Hair | Eyes | Eyebrows | Lashes | Eyeliner | Eyeshadow | Lipstick

Tabiya comes wearing basegame clothes; I have a 2x-slider hack in my game and the standard facial sliders. As long as you don’t want to edit her face, you can download Tabiya even if you don’t use any sliders yourself, though. 
My game is patched up to version 1.55.



Dangling Coral Jewellry Set

You’ve waited long enough!
Prepare your sims for Isla Paradiso with this lovely set of (fake) corals.

Details and Download at my website!

So beautiful! I’ve been sitting on my hands for them being released. :D


Bell Tower conversion from BioShock Infinite

Thanks thecnih for the testing object ;)

Enjoy! ♥

Bitten by the building bug, I finally found the inspiration to give Miranda and Lavinia a new, permanent home. It’s still very much a WIP as most of it is not more than an empty shell in large parts.

Lavinia is an architect and the big corner building is a former pub she converted; it will have her architect’s bureau on the ground floor. The smaller house will have the dining room and kitchen on the ground foor.

Miranda is a writer, so she’ll have her office on the first floor, together with a small library. There is going to be a bigger, loft-like living room in the corner building.

On the top floor of the smaller house, there will be a bigger bathroom and the bedroom.

I might still do some tweaks to the already existing structures, and I will also add more empty shells to the left and upper right part of the lot, since I am trying to emulate an inner-city type of wall-to-wall building, which Sims 3 unfortunately does not allow. And, of course, gardens / backyards have to be done as well…


Sims 4 Prototypes?

After spending some time yesterday trying to find Sims 1 Concept Art, I came upon Ferby Miguel and made an interesting discovery. Ferby has worked on previous games in the Sims series and his blog includes some samples of his work. 

Two of those samples include these two character prototypes shown above. What struck me about these prototypes is that they share the same art style as the Sims seen in the Sims 4 UI pre-production photographs found by SimsVip. What surprised me even more was that the female Sim resembled one of the Sims seen in the UI photographs.

NOTE: These may or may not be Sims 4 Character Prototypes. If they are, please note that these photographs are from 2010. The look of the Sims themselves has probably changed since then. 

What if all these pictures and videos don’t have anything to do with Sims 4, but belong to a not yet announced Sims project? The interface in that concept video from about two weeks ago made think it looked like a new Sims Online project.

Just throwing that thought out there - not that I know any more than anyone else.

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Thought I’d link this German article on the latest Island Paradise event - even though most people on my Simblr won’t be able to read the text, it’s worth it for the pictures.


My (almost) blank custom world New Rochelle. Based on EA’s Twinbrook, although I’ve changed it so much that there are only a few resemblances now. For some reason the distant terrain didn’t show up. And after I recoloured it especially and everything! >:(

I had abandoned it in favour of St. Claire, but today I’m tempted to start working on it again, although as you can see it’s pretty damn big. Summer project? Start playing it and build as I go? Abandon it entirely? I wish I was better at decision making!

It’s too gorgeous to abandon it! ;) New Rochelle has everything I love about Twinbrook, without the parts which annoy me…

If you decide you don’t want to continue it, maybe you could share just the empty neighbourhood? Pretty, pretty please?


Mia’s Sims next Topmodel,”Dark Creatures Edition”: Horror Shooting

1 = Cecile; 2 = Ava; 3 = Lalita; 4 = Abigail; 5 = Autumn; 6 = Faith

Voting will be open for 48 our (Saturday evening “My birthday^^”  , German Time). Vote for your favourite girl! Send a message  or comment under these post directly.


Who is the scariest girl?

Please vote in my niece’s contest! :)